For any Emergencies the authorities need to respond, please call 911 immediately.   Examples would include but are not limited to:  All unexplained fire, smoke, or fire and smoke alarm alerts,  Domestic disturbances, any life threatening situation, theft or vandalism.  For low battery beeps fill out a non Urgent request.      The Holmen non-emergency phone number is 608 5264212

Our Maintenance Urgent Phone number is 608 790 1955 if no answer call this number last 608 792 9662.
Urgent Examples are:  Water leaks, Furnace/AC not working.

Non-Urgent requests please fill out our Maintenance request on line below and our friendly staff will schedule your maintenance repair. 

The best way to get your maintenance needs taken care of is by completing our on-line form.  We will receive your request at the speed of light and we will also have a record of it. A phone call can easily be forgotten. 

If you have completed a maintenance request and you have not gotten your repairs.  Please call Dale at
 608 792 9662 and please follow-up with another request.  Our goal is to correct issues as soon as possible.

The best time to schedule general maintenance needs are Monday thru Thursdays.  We are not available on weekends or after 4 PM daily.  

Tips from Shane (608)790 1955 
Using too much toilet paper can lead to a mess on your floor as a precaution use small amounts of paper and flush twice.
 If the toilet does plug up and begins to over flow turn off the valve behind the toilet.  If that fails lift the tank cover off the toilet and push down the rubber flapper.  By following this procedure you can prevent the water from overflowing onto the floor and the subsequent mess cleanup. You should also call me to correct the plug.

If you haven't changed your furnace filter this heating season you may find one day your furnace doesn't work.  Furnaces run more efficiently and cleaner when filters are changed regularly.

If your Air conditioner or furnace isn't working properly after you check the filter turn it off and call right away.

Don't forget to check smoke and carbon monoxide  detectors regularly.  Tenants are responsible for changing batteries yearly.  If you need assistance  submit a maintenance request.

Are your dishes not as clean as possible.  Here are some tips:

1.Make sure your jet dry dispenser is full.

2. Keeping your dishwasher clean is an important part of making sure that your pots, pans and dishes remain clean as well. Dishwasher Magic Cleaner will completely remove lime scale, iron, soap scum, food and any other residue that can build up in a dishwasher over time. This Dishwasher Disinfectant & Cleaner will remove 99.9 percent of all germs, which will help ensure clean dishes each and every time. Making sure that all residues are removed can also extend the life of your dishwasher. Simply place Dishwasher Magic Cleaner inside of your dishwasher and let it do the cleaning for you. This bottle of Dishwasher Cleaner is 12oz.

Dishwasher Magic Dishwasher Cleaner:

Kills germs
Removes Limescale & Rust
This or a like product can be found at Walmart, Home Depot or Menards
Garbage disposal smelly:
Clean with ice cubes. It really works in three easy steps
1.  Turn on water
2. Use 1/2 Gallon of ice from freezer, add scouring powder with bleach.
3 Turn on disposal and pour in ice cubes until gone (make lots of noise)
4. If your disposal will not run or shuts off while doing this procedure -  there is a little red re-set button under your disposal.  Just depress this button and it will re-start. 
Result:  Clean non-smelling garbage disposal. 
I Like plumbing related questions call me anytime or fill out one of our maintenance requests on this or our mobil site